At Miyagi Ken, our goal is to contribute to the physical and mental training of children, young adults, and adults, to become better human beings under the discipline, spirit, legitimacy and tradition of Japanese Karate Do Shito Ryu.

With more than 40 years of experience, our International Karate Academy has formed, integral karatekas and excellent athletes with remarkable national and international trajectory. Today, our Karate Club keeps expanding from its original location in Venezuela, to United States with new dojo in Spring Texas, at The Grand Sports Club.

Founder and Masters

Our first Dojo was founded in Caracas – Venezuela, in 1973 bySensei Luis Alberte Gonzalez  (deceased), who arrived in that country in 1960 from Galicia – Spain, where he began the practice of Tradicional Japanese Karate Do from 1969 with Master Shoko Sato.

Motivated by his vocation of teaching, Sensei Alberte Gonzalez opens the doors of the “Dojo Miyagi Ken” in Caracas. He specialized in “Refereeing” until he achieved the World Arbitrator License granted in 1984 in Maastrich – Holland by the World Union of Karate Do Organizations (WUKO) at that time, now World Karate Do Federation (WKF), and becoming The First Chief of Referees of the Venezuelan Karate Do Federation (FVKD).

“… To be seen as a black belt, you only have to wear one, to be a black belt, you have to live and feel the beautiful world of Karate.”

Sensei Luis Alberte Gonzalez

“… The Teaching of Karate, as a physical and spiritual activity, is for me both a personal inclination, and a family tradition, initiated by may father and Master Luis Alberte Gonzalez, founder of the Dojo Miyagi Ken. I have the honor of leading an excellent Team of Instructor who have been great multipliers”.

Sensei Luis Alberte Pereiras

Shito Ryu

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