In Karate you will find all the qualities that you wish for when you choose a sport for you child or for yourself. There are physical and mental advantages:

INCREASE CONCENTRATION: foster the development of habits that are useful for working and studying.

PROMOTE RESPECT AND EDUCATION: we come more comprehensive toward the other and create positive attitudes in society.

STRENGHT, SELF-CONFIDENCE AND SELF-SECURITY: it makes us feel secure about our possibilities in different daily life situation. Self-defense is taught when we practice karate do. But what really improves the life of our children is the self-confidence they gain with everyday practice. Children who practice “karate do” develop the self-security that they need in the school enviroment and they project this among all, without doing or saying anything. You simple “can see it”. That creates formidable barrier against becoming victims, not onl of bullying, but of many others negative practices.

PHYSICAL CONDITIONING: the diversity of movements promotes the development of all motor qualities, symetry of movement, coordination, strength and flexibility


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