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The Karate Program will provide The Woodlands & Spring communities and its surroundings with more than just the immediate possibility to contribute to the health and well-being of its children, adolescents and adults, since it not only satisfies physical and psychomotor aspects, but also psychological and spiritual aspects, independent of age, integrating mind and body, which is the philosophy of Karate Do.

We offer the possibility to cover the hours after school for children, youth and adolescents with a proposal that strengthens their personality, inculcating values such as respect for others, humbleness, security, self-esteem, and concentration among others. These tools are invaluable when it comes to dealing with the challenges of life.

The Beginner starts to acquire discipline at the “Dojo” that is governed by fundamental rules of courtesy, mutual respect and obedience toward the instructor in addition to the rules of the class. During that stage, while basic karate techniques are being taught, what we fundamentally seek is the strengthening of the children’s self-confidence. This is achieved, day-by-day, through the practice of a combination of activities or games that challenge them in a healthy way, allowing them to confront their fears, discover their capabilities and develop a sense of group belonging; this will heighten their self-esteem and make them less susceptible to behaviors such as “bullying”.




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